CAROL’s Scarf
This yarn is hand-dyed, called Hiroshige. The scarf is one of a His & Hers gift, not blocked yet. The headband is for me- another less-than ODD-BALL solution!

Next, Blocking!



2 Responses to Knitting

  1. Okee-Dokee…….You’re it….of all the people and patterns I’ve chosen to recreate and follow, I’m earnestly excited and inspired by your work. I write a lot, but have never “blogged” before, and the “Ladies Dress” will be my first VPLL1912 experiment. As well as a seamstress, I am also a hand-spinner, embroiderer knitter, weaver, natural dyer and all around textile-snob-aholic. Although I play in the SCA and have made dozens of English & German Tudor period dresses for me and my SCA daughter, this 1912 dress will be an exciting adventure into a different era. Your clear, detailed notes are another reason I’ve stepped on your band-wagon (hope you don’t mind). The fact that you made the needlework/cutwork collar is stellar; I want to do that too.

    In kindness, I remain
    Jennifer Ratcliffe
    Dunedin, FL

    • domesticnews says:

      Jennifer, good luck with the Ladies Dress! And thank you for the compliments. I’ve been inspired by others in the 1912 group, too! Please be sure to show us your progress!

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